Aces Casino Nairobi

I came to Kenya for safari. To have a look at elephants, giraffes, zebras, cheetahs and many other animals in the wild, it was an unforgettable experience. But I also had time to go for casinos of the capital of Kenya, Nairobi. I ordered a car with a driver in the hotel for the whole day. When we drove to the right address where Aces Casino was, it was dark. And my driver, a black guy named Billy, didn’t want to stop the engine. It was the center of the city but it was the time when it was better not to appear in this center in the street. But the spirit of adventure still forced me to go to Aces Casino.

I sat at the blackjack table in a dark room and started playing. Some guy sat next to me, then another one. And after a while it was quite crowded at the table. Kenyans joked among themselves, spoke swear words and, it seemed to me, tried to test me, they were interested in what I was doing in this tenderloin place. And the place was really tenderloin. Actually, it was a time worn casino about which they say “hell hole”. Everything in it testified to the criminal world I was in.

My task was simple, to inconspicuously (Hah! Being constantly observed by a dozen of eyes of players and the staff) take chips for my collection and RUN away. And when some black guy, sitting next to me at the table, actually leaned on me embracing my shoulders with his mighty hand, I was ready, I jumped up and quickly walked out of Aces Casino! That’s the kind of experience that I do not want to repeat. Although … For the sake of chips, I’ll do it again, if need be. This time I got it, I had several chips from Aces Casino for my collection.