Altai Palace Casino

Altai is a territory rich in beautiful places, nature reserves and vast areas. In the summer of 2017, my friends invited me to visit Altai. I walked through the mountains, swam in the mountain rivers, admired nature, and examined the excavations of antiquity. In 2009, the government of Russia has closed all casinos and has left only special gambling zones. One of them – “Siberian Coin” was located in Altai. And today, one of the few legal casinos known in Russia is Altai Palace.Altai Palace Casino

I noticed advertisements of Altai Palace casino all around the Altai. In fact, it’s difficult to attract people to play casinos in Russia, if it is in the middle of forests and hills. Many Russians do not even know that in Russia there are legal gambling establishments…

My friends and I spent a couple of evenings at the Altai Palace casino. This is a small casino with quality service and good games. I participated in one of the poker tournaments that take place in the casino every day. On the way to casino, we have seen performance of Dr. Alban at the open air main stage, and had a chance to take a picture with him later on. “It’s my life!”


I walked around the Altai Palace casino – hills covered with flowers, birch groves, fresh air, and the smell of freedom! This is a pleasant place. I’m glad that I visited Altai and I am sure that I will come to see these places again.


One of several chips from this casino:

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