Carnival Casino GOA

I first met India in Goa in 2011. This tiny coastal state was the most popular resort for Indians and foreigners visiting India. It was also the only place where casinos were legal. More precisely semi-legal. Casinos could be located in the “offshore zone” on the Mandovi River, flowing next to the capital of Goa, the city of Panaji. In total, at the time of my arrival at Goa, four casino ships were operating – Casino Pride, Casino Royal, Casino Caravella (also called Casino GOA) and Carnival Casino.

Carnival Casino, like the other three gambling establishments, was on the ship. To get to the casino, it was necessary to register at a specially equipped reception on the pier. It was also required to pay a state tax for admission to the casino. After passing the control, the most interesting attraction began – it was necessary to ride a fast boat on the river. It was an adventure in itself .

The path to the casino on a boat took about 5 minutes. And I tried to inhale fresh air a and enjoy the views all this time!

I played at Carnival Casino in blackjack etc. The casino was not very popular and therefore I could enjoy the game alone. I remember that once I lost a lot in blackjack. I changed and changed large amounts of money, but I couldn’t win. And at one point between dealing cards, the manager came up to me and with a respectful smile put the chips on the table. “Just for luck,” he said, and pushed the chips to me. It seems there was something around 5,000 rupees. It was unexpected for me. I have not come across this form of discount before. Of course, I thanked the good manager. Despite the loss, I was filled with love for Carnival Casino.

I really liked the chips at Carnival Casino – great design and fun to play. Since the minimum chip was only 25 rupees, I scored a lot of copies for exchange. But i did’t stint on a chip of 1000 rupees (about 25 USD at that time). 

As a result, every time I relaxed in Goa, I played at Carnival Casino. Until its closure.

Carnival Casino

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