Casino Angara Moscow

I was at the opening of the Angara casino on February 22, 2005. It opened on Novy Arbat Street – one of the central streets of Moscow. At that time there already operated casino Arbat, Mirage, Crown and Metelitsa, as well as several large halls of slot machines. In fact, this street was considered in Russia like the Las Vegas Strip. I remember that the whole street was in the advertising banners of the casino. At night the entire area glowed with the lights of the entertainment centers. Along the road were many expensive cars and the ubiquitous cars of the traffic police with the red-blue flashing lights on.

So, the Angara casino was the fifth casino on Novy Arbat Street. Its owners considered that it was necessary to do something extravagant and unlike other gambling establishments in Moscow. Therefore, the Angara casino opened as a casino-beer restaurant and a factory! Inside the gambling establishment, the guest immediately saw the vats with beer brewing in them,  and while passing to the second floor, one could inhale the “fragrance” of the alcoholic beverage being prepared there.

In the casino, as I recall, everything was stylised to a certain Bavarian style. Even the croupier was dressed in a uniform, reminiscent of the national clothes of East Prussia. Specialists in the gambling industry questioned the presentation of this casino.

And the Angara casino did not become successful. It did not become popular with the playing public of Moscow. Soon the casino was rebranded and renamed to A-Club. New rebranding clearly adhered to the canons of the casino – pathos, luxury, high cost and exquisite service. But the chips in the A-Club remained to be the same – with Angara casino logo. Up to the closing of all casinos in Moscow in 2009.

One of several chips from this casino: