Casino Barriere El Gezirah

In 2010, I had a chance to stay in Cairo for a long time, the capital of Egypt. Authentic and ancient, noisy and cheerful, poor and rich at the same time, selling everything, this city is offering entertainment for any taste. Along the great Nile you find the best hotels-skyscrapers, best of the best has got casinos.

One of the most notable buildings was Sofitel hotel, located on the island of Gezirah right in the middle of Nile. Every day I had walked there from the old center of Cairo on the ancient bridge Qasr El Nil Bridge, guarded on both sides by stone lions. I had played at the casino El Gezirah, the local name of Barriere casinos (French company). I remember I had lost a lot at the first time I played there. I was unlucky. However, over time, spending all nights there (the casino worked only at night), I had managed to get all my money back and even won good money on top. Actually, the reason I remember this casino I had won a decent amount – more than 20 thousand dollars in just one night. During the time I had played at the casino Barriere El Gezirah, I had remembered the names of the dealers and other employees, who been communicated with me. Managers had been not very sociable in this casino, however closely watched my game. I played “black” (the common colour of $ 100 chips) and that was a bet above average.

That day afternoon my friends and me had decided to visit Giza Pyramids once again ( for the fourth time). I was pretty tired after sightseeing. But still I had decided to play in the casino El Gezirah Barriere. Just an hour later, a guy with name Amir had given me four tens on poker with $200 on ante and $10.000 payout. That was nice. I had kept playing and just a couple hours later a girl with the Rasha (I noticed  earlier the name of this girl is in tune with the name of my country – Russia) gave me a second four – four of queen. I had got another $ 10,000. Sometimes you are playing poker for weeks and don’t see four cards, but that day I had been given them twice and paid both times. It was a really lucky day (or rather night) and maybe the spirit of the Egyptian pyramids had helped me 🙂

I had ended up with a good win. There is nothing special about the look of the chips from this casino nor execution, nor design, but they are one of my favourite in the collection!
Casino Barriere El Gezirah Cairo Egypt