Casino Boomerang Krasnaya Polyana

I still failed to find out the reason to call this casino as Boomerang. The casino staff couldn’t answer my question. They said something about wordplay, associated with «Boom» and «Boomer» (BMW car name is called so in Russian slang, which is deemed prestigious and youthful in Russia), as well as about a new gambling institution concept, intended to involve younger audience.

Boomerang Casino was opened in December 2018 at «Rosa Khutor» resort in «Krasnaya Polyana» gaming zone. Casino Sochi and Bonus slot hall, which belonged to the same company as Boomerang, have already been operating in the current gambling zone, located near of Sochi. Therefore, Boomerang didn’t provide additional competition to the business. It just had to try to capture another players segment. It was believed lots of «golden youth», namely wealthy people less than 35 years old, used to rest at «Rosa Khutor resort», where the Boomerang casino is located. However, the classic casino may not be suitable for them since they are striving to try something new and more interesting. Therefore, Boomerang tried to combine some cosmic themes with the blackjack and roulette game.

Therefore, I didn’t like Boomerang Casino. This casino is quite good and new, but can’t be compared to the classic ones I used to visit.

Firstly, the casino provides quite complicated logistics – several entrances and transitions from one hall to another, secondly, a purely secular wardrobe with the «Administration is not responsible for lost things» inscription is superfluous, thirdly the casino chips look so much cheap…

Boomerang casino chips were too low-quality while being made by «Smile» Russian company, which confirmed the entire complex cheapness as a whole. The best casinos order Matsui or Bourgogne Et Grasset chips, or at least Abbiati chips (for example, Casino Sochi).

Boomerang Casino chips were not designer alt all while being made of the cheapest material. I am sure, it will quite simple to fake such chips for some Russian craftsmen. The experts, who saw these Boomerang casino chips, are fully agree with me.

It worth mentioning that Boomerang casino is approved by the gaming community, despite my disappointment. The casino had quite active game when I visited it. One player told me that he didn’t feel such pathos in Boomerang as in Casino Sochi. Boomerang was quite ordinary casino, which involved lots of visitors.

So, I hope that Boomerang casino will be able to earn money to get better chips in future 😉

Boomerang Casino

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