Casino Casablanca Angeles

Clark Freeport Zone is a former US military base which was upgraded into a special economic area with a possibility to open a casino here. Therefore, 5 good level casinos operated in Clark at the time of my visit. All located in hotels. One of the most sumptuous hotels is Stotsenberg Hotel. Casablanca was located there. However, the casino was not as sumptuous as the hotel itself. I noted some discrepancy of the design, clearly Chinese motifs and ceilings with episodes from the cult American film “Casablanca”. Perhaps, the Casablanca Casino owners originally wanted to attract Americans inside playing sentimental feelings for the Hollywood film (by the way, its action unfolds in Morocco, actually far away from the theme of Asia). But later they realized that 90% of all guests are Chinese, Taiwanese and Koreans and began to introduce elements of Asia in decoration of its institution. If you ask me, it’s an absolute mess. Casablanca Casino in Clark Country in the Philippines wins the rating of casinos with the clumsiest styling. I wasn’t in Casablanca Casino for a long time to notice something else of interest. I only made a few bets and took chips for the collection.