Casino Eclipse Batumi

Casino Eclipse gaming floor

In 2018 casino industry in Georgia had been growing fast because of active tourism from neighbouring countries – Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran. New gambling establishments had been opening their doors in Georgian capital Tbilisi and other regions of the country. This tendency was especially strong in Adjara autonomy and it’s central city Batumi.

At the moment I visited that beautiful place on summer 2018, there are around 10 casinos in Batumi, and the most prominent of them was the new project of Eclipse casino. With 37 gaming tables and 163 slots from the very beginning of operation it became the biggest casino not only in Adjara but in whole Georgia as well.

Casino Eclipse entrance

The casino was located just 20 minutes away from Turkish border, so most of the players are from this country, where live gambling is prohibited since 1997. But Eclipse was doing it’s best to attract junket players not only from Turkey, but from Israel, Ukraine, Russia and so on. Excellent service and possibility to make the biggest bets and to gamble for the biggest amounts of money were the things that put Eclipse casino to the top of the gaming industry in the region. The best action in stud poker was also there. Texas Hold’em and Omaha were played more often, and the bets could be really high regarding to the common wealth of the area. Eventually, as on some of my reliable inner sources, the original owner of Eclipse casino lost it playing poker in the Vip room of his own casino during spring time of 2019! That’s how it happens over there.

I didn’t play at Eclipse on my own, only bought some low value chips for my collection. They were made by Abbiati, what, in my opinion, doesn’t honor that italian brand – I don’t like the chips. Their raw material, logo and quality of “construction” equal to cheap chinese sets for playing poker. I know that Abbiati company produces chic gaming tables and other furniture, but their gaming chips show a regrettable lack of taste. Probably, one day the casino will be won by someone, who is aware of it, and chips from there can become the highlight of my collection, but for now I need to be satisfied with what I have…

Eclipse Casino

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