Casino Eden Seychelles

I was lucky enough to play Texas Holdem at Seychelles in 2014 at Casino Eden. At that time, it was a new casino located in the eponymous residential complex Eden near the capital on the island of Mahe. This very friendly place immediately captivated me and I spent many nights playing Texas Holdem at Eden Casino. There I met the local patrons and learned a lot about the Seychelles gambling business. For example, a lot of rich people from all over the world live and rest on the island, but it is almost impossible to attract them to the casino. That the casinos on the islands are constantly opening and closing because they cannot generate the income necessary for survival. And that, in principle, you should not come to Seychelles to play in a casino 🙂

Eden Casino Seyshelles

A motley company gathered at the poker table at Eden Casino – there were entrepreneurs from China, pensioners from Europe, and Russians who chose Seychelles as their permanent residence. Of all the players, I singled out one – Frank Tristan Poyet, a local who was 74 at the time. He was, in every sense, a player who looked impressive and played well poker and roulette. He was even allowed to walk around the casino wearing a hat (in general, hats are prohibited in all casinos for security reasons), he looked so cool in it and he was such a regular among the playing audience.

Casino Gambler in roulette

The management of Eden Casino was so friendly that I was allowed to do a small photo session in the VIP room. I interviewed Frank Tristan Poyet and took some cool photos with him.

I also played blackjack at Eden Casino – there were very good bonuses during  lucky hours. In fact, by playing blackjack just a couple of hours a day at Eden Casino with these bonuses, one could live comfortably on the Seychelles for a lifetime.

I wanted to definitely return to Eden Casino for its relaxed and friendly poker and blackjack game. But in about a year after I left, the casino closed. Chips remained as a memory.

Casino Eden Seyshelles

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