Casino Fontana Angeles

Fontana Leisure Parks & Casino is a large fenced area with villas, a hotel, a water park, and other entertainments. When I came in there through the main entrance I told the guard that I wanted to play at the casino. He wished me luck. And on the way back he asked if I was successful in my playing. Oh, I need to admit that I didn’t play.

The first thing that catches you eye in Fontana Casino is that it is a part of the chain with Jai Alai Casino in Macau, the gambling capital of the world. All posters and videos informed about it bringing to the attention of guests that Fontana Casino adheres to the level of Macau gambling houses. But I wasn’t impressed given that in Macau Jai Alai Casino is not at all a leader.

In Fontana Casino I started walking around the tables looking what chips I could get my hands on. So, standing by the baccarat table, I saw a casino employee of an apparent European appearance come to me and stare at me.

‘Hello!’ I said in Russian, and her eyes widened.

‘Do you understand? …,’ the girl asked. ‘Do you speak Russian?’

She was clearly taken aback by such a meeting. We introduced each other. The girl’s name was Sofia and she recently came to the Philippines from Ukraine to work as a gaming manager. We had a nice chat and Sofia told me that the casino had several halls each of them using its own chips. Fontana Casino actively attracts players in junket. Mainly, these are guests from Taiwan. And also from China, Korea, Hong Kong. Sofia was so kind that when she learnt that I collected chips she helped me to buy chips right at the table. As I understood, in Fontana Casino there are also chips in Taiwanese dollars but they wouldn’t sell them to me. We agreed to meet in Facebook, but, perhaps, I incorrectly wrote her name. I couldn’t find Sofia in social networks.

It’s always pleasant to meet a person who speaks the same language as you while you’re far away from home. Thank Fontana Casino for it.