Casino Mahjong Gangtok

Not every traveler may get to the Indian state of Sikkim located in the highlands of India somewhere between Bhutan and Nepal. Yet, Sikkim is a special economic area and, apart from the wonderful nature, fresh air and the heritage of the ancient kingdom, there are legal casinos here. Rich Indians come into the mountains from New Delhi, Calcutta and other cities to take a break from the heat in the cool area at an altitude of over 1,400 meters. In early 2016, there were two casinos to entertain Indian elite in Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim. As a part of my tour of India, I visited this wonderful place and both casinos, Royal Plaza and Mahjong. I don’t quite remember the first one, although, it was the first casino in Sikkim operating here for 7 years. It was repaired and re-branded at the time of my visit, as I understood, before the casino had the same name as the state, Sikkim. As for Mahjong located in Mayfair Hotel, it was a relatively new casino with a good level not lagging behind the casino of Goa state where I had been before. Mahjong Casino even had the table for Poker Texas; however, during the entire time of visit, nobody ever played the game.

I remember quite well the first day when I came to Mahjong, it turned out that one had to produce not only the passport but a special permit to visit Sikkim to enter the casino. And I left it in the room of my hotel. I asked ladies from the reception to give me a car to go to the hotel and get back to the casino. The called the manager and he agreed. I drove to my hotel very quickly, took the permit, and returned to the casino. I played various games and took several chips for memory. But when I got back to my hotel at night in the car kindly provided by the casino, it turned out that the hotel was closed for the night and everybody was long asleep. I tried to knock to the staff but nobody answered. I was already thinking that I would have to spend the night in an empty street, however, my buddy who lived in the same hotel somehow managed to help me and woke up the staff. They opened the door for me. Of course, the casino in Sikkim is not the one worth going to but I got an extra fun playing in Mahjong Casino in Gangtok.