Casino Marilyn Moscow

I often used to play in Marilyn Casino in Moscow at the end of the XX century. It was at 14/7 Krasina Street. As you might guess, the casino was styled as America of the 60s, with a focus on creations of the great actress. They say that the casino owner adored Marilyn Monroe and herself resembled her idol.

Marilyn Casino was one of my favorite gambling institutions. We with friends used to have fun playing blackjack and roulette in Marilyn, drinking and chatting. One of the most interesting features of Marilyn Casino was that during the warm season gaming tables were placed right in the street. And the game on them was with fairly low bets. So that staff from other casinos, including me, played at these tables the night away.

Then Marilyn Casino was moved to another place. I no longer actively played in casinos preferring to engage myself in journalism. And I visited the casino on my work affairs, talked to the management, wrote articles and reviews, news.

Chips from Marilyn Casino are one of my favorite, thanks to chip style and design and the memory I keep about this casino in my heart.