Casino Millennium Minsk

It was only once I’d visited the Millennium Casino in Minsk. But it was a pretty remarkable case.

The Millennium Casino opened in the capital of Belarus in around 2007. And this was the best casino in Minsk at the time of the opening. Owners and management changed several times, but I’ve been in other countries all this time. When I finally reached the Millennium Casino, it was already living out its last days… I should’ve take this into account.

I remember coming to the Millennium Casino and sitting at the blackjack table without thinking twice. I’m good at blackjack and I’m always happy when the rules are on the player’s side. The game was good, but I quickly lost something about 500 US dollars. It didn’t scare me and I was going to continue playing. But suddenly the casino manager ordered to change the minimum and maximum bet limits on my table to 25$! Ie, without the possibility of spread. I was deeply disturbed. “I lost 500$, and you don’t give me a chance to recoup!” I said. But the casino representatives were adamant. Other players were also surprised by this decision. The manager whispered to them to go for the next tables, and leave me alone on this one. Then I called the police…

I called the police and said that the casino is cheating on me. And brave Belarusian guys’ve arrived with guns blazing. They entered the casino and I began explaining my position. The police didn’t understand a thing, but only the fact of the policemen presence was enough. Police presence in the casino is bad for public and, as a consequence, for the establishment prestige. The owner of the Millennium casino came, he began to bargain with me. As a result, we agreed – he returned all my lost money, and I dropped all charges, and the police left. And, of course, I didn’t came back…

Here is one of the chips from the Millennium casino:
Millenium Casino

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