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Lots of various surprises are waiting for the player which perhaps involve people to visit casino. However, we would like to avoid some surprises. For example I lost as much as I could not even imagine in just ten hours of playing stud poker at the Palms Beach casino in Cannes in 2011.

I visited a lot of casinos within my trip to the south of France. In fact, each little resort town provides its own small casino, intended for Frenchmen, having a vacation. There were several casinos in Cannes, one of which was Palm Beach, controlled by Partouche company, was located on the city’s promenade edge. I remember that day quite well. I was walking along the promenade while admiring the exquisite audience, arrived at the Cannes Film Festival (there was also a casino in the building, where the film festival took place) and reached the Palm Beach casino. The gambling house positioned itself as an elite one.

So, I started playing at Palm Beach Casino at stud poker. I started to bet big – 100 euros per ante. But the game did not stick at all. I lost a lot. Then I lowered my bet, first to 75, then to 50 euros in ante. But I did not lose less! I made an exchange, closed and played croupier cards on my poker combination although before I just threw out the antes. Then I lowered the bet to 25 euros antes after about five hours of playing. I finished playing in ten hours with a loss of 18 000 euros!

It was quite simple to lose 18 000 euros while betting just 1 000 or even 100. But I lost over 450 bets at a time that day. Subsequent calculations confirmed that such an event probability is less than one hundredth percent. I.e. it was almost impossible to lose so much money in poker in such a short time. But nevertheless, I lost. So, I did not tempt fate further. I decided to go to Nice to play blackjack, leaving Cannes. Maybe I’ll come back there later (although Palm Beach casino seems to be closed) …

Here are the chips it was quite hard to get at Palm Beach casino in Cannes:

Palms Beach Casino

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