Casino Papanin Saint Petersburg

I do not often get into any tricky situations when I take chips for a collection. But I had to escape from Papanin casino…

Papanin casino Saint Petersburg

I was in Papanin Casino in 2005. I came there by car with my friends. We made an evening tour through the casinos of Saint Petersburg. Papanin was probably the fifth casino on our list. My friends and I decided that we would not stay there for a long time.

The entrance to the casino was combined with the club. The guards especially searched all of those who go to the club, but casino players were not searched.

Inside was a quiet place with low ceilings and a small number of players. I decided to not play, but to buy chips for the collection at the casino cashier. My friends, having made a circle of honor for the casino, left first. I bought a few chips and went out too. When I was leaving the casino, the guard received instructions over the microphone. They were talking about me! And that I was taking chips out of the casino! The guard quickly started to call me, but I did not respond as I was already walking down the street to the car. And then they chased after me! I did not expect that. And I ran too. Of course, I ran to the car first. The guards ran up and politely asked to return the chips. One of my friends (by the way, he is the CEO of another casino in Saint Petersburg) said that we do not have chips. We started the car and left.

It is not very good when you take away the chips from the casino, and they do not agree with it. But I’m a collector. And I apologize to all of the casinos from whom I “stole” the chips. And the chips from the Papanin casino are actually some of my favourite ones in my collection. One of the several chips from this casino:

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