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One of the most beautiful beaches in the world is the beach of the Kempinski Hotel on Mahe, Seychelles. When I arrived at Seychelles in 2014, I found casino at the Kempinski Hotel. It was called Paradiso. I met the director of the casino, who also turned out to be a Texas Holdem Poker amateur (I saw him at the poker table in another casino). He kindly invited me to visit and allowed me to take some photographs. The director conducted a detailed tour of a small, as he said “homey casino. It was evident that he loves his small business, but he did/t have professionalism in managing Paradiso.

I asked the director why he called the casino that way – in the Italian manner of “Paradiso”. He replied that he was a big fan of the film Nuovo Cinema Paradiso. And the name “Paradise” is already too worn out. “So many of these all kinds of “paradises”. But we kept the theme of a paradise in the title, but with our own twist,” the director said.

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Paradiso had 5 roulette tables and card games. And also one Texas Holdem Poker table. Various paintings that hang on the walls, The cloth is bright red, o and installations that the casino director brought himself from different countries.

Paradiso Casino is a budget gambling establishment designed for guests of a hotel located in the depths of the island, far from the main tourist routes. Most of the time the casino was empty. Probably, Arab sheikhs, vacationers on the Seychelles Islands could make the annual revenue of such a casino if they went there at least once.

Chips at Paradiso Casino were used with makeshift stickers on other chips. What also speaks of extreme budgeting of the casino. I peeled a sticker from one of the chips and found the name “Palm Beach Casino” there. This gambling establishment previously existed at Seychelles.

In Paradiso, we played Texas Holdem with a company of regular fans of this game who gather in a particular casino in the Seychelles 3-4 times a week. In addition to the game, I met with the employees of the casino and talked with them. As I understand it, in general, the croupiers are satisfied with their work, although they don_t receive enough tip due to a lack of customers. I had a short photo shoot with friendly casino croupiers.

As far as I know, about a year after my departure, Paradiso Casino was closed.

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