Casino Sochi

Casino Sochi has opened in the mountainous region Gorki-Gorod, in close proximity to Sochi city. The casino is located in the territory designated as a ‘gambling zone’, “Krasnaya Polyana”. The grand opening of the complex occurred on January 5th, 2017. This is the largest and most expensive casino in Russia. I visited it in July 2018. I enjoyed the mountain air, picturesque scenery and the relaxed atmosphere of the region. Naturally, I found Casino Sochi very impressive.

In terms of its appearance, Casino Sochi met my expectations of an classical casino. It resembles the likes of casinos in Monte-Carlo (Monaco), San-Remo (Italy) and Deauville (France).

Beyond visiting Casino Sochi, I also had the pleasure to take a few photos of the gambling floor (with the permission of the casino’s administration). I talked to the casino’s representatives, visited VIP rooms and even got to see a concert with famous Russian pop stars. In the end, I spent several days at the casino and obtained a lot of information for journalistic purposes in the process.

The equipment used at Casino Sochi is predominantly manufactured by the Italian company Abbiati. The same goes for the chips. Whilst I am not generally fond of Abbiati chips (preferring BG and Matsui instead), in the present case, the Italians clearly tried their best to produce some really good chips. Therefore, the trip was successful with regards to the chips as well! Here is an example of a chip used at Casino Sochi:
Casino Sochi

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