Grande Motte Casino

Grande Motte Casino

I traveled a lot in France. This romantic country attracted me with its interesting history, beautiful nature, delicious food and a casino. In fact, there was a casino in every small resort town of France. Therefore, I traveled all over France far and wide.

The longest time I stayed was in the small town of Le Grande Motte, located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. This is a very green city with original architecture and layout (is a national treasure of France). The casino, part of the large Partouche gambling network, was located near the promenade.

Grande Motte Casino

Casino Grande Motte was open only at night. Every day I was the first client to enter it’s door and the last player to leave the casino early in the morning. I met all the casino staff, I knew all the abid player by their names. I became friends with one local player named Olivier and we spent time with him at the tables of the Grande Motte casino. He sincerely did not understand how is it possible to avoid drinking French wine (I do not drink alcohol in principle), and I also sincerely didn’t understand how he can play blackjack so terribly.

One of the most memorable stories is connected with this: Once we played together with Olivier in blackjack and at the end of the game I made several large bets of 500 euros each. Olivier standardly bet 10 euros on the last box. The croupier put himself a 6 (this is good for the player) and I added some more money to the table, making split and double. Olivier, having 7 points on his cards, did not take the card. The croupier put himself 5 and then 10, scoring 21 points and beating me for about 4,000 euros. Lost and Olivier their 10 euros. His game strategy cost me dearly! He had to take a card for 7 points! But each player decides for himself, not in my rules to advise other guests what to do.

Grande Motte

I spent at Grande Motte for about a month. I didn’t wanted to leave, because of the calm, good-natured atmosphere, clean air and measured life. Plus, I won pretty well at the casino. I even considered moving to Grande Motte. And, who knows, maybe someday I will do so…

Casino Grande Motte

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