Imperial Pacific Casino Saipan

When in December 2017, I first came to the Northern Mariana Islands, there was only one casino. It was called Imperial Pacific and was located in the center of the tourism industry of ​​the island – Garapan village. Imperial Pacific was a new casino, which opened earlier in July 2017. This was a grandiose project of a Chinese company, which decided to open casino in the Northern Mariana Islands like gambling houses in Macau and Las Vegas. The company spent more than $ 7 billion on this project! Although the Imperial Pacific has not yet been completed when I saw it, it has already become the tallest building on these tiny islands.

The main players in the casino were the Chinese and Koreans. I met some players. In general, this place and its visitors left  positive memories for me.

I was pleased with the chips from the Imperial Pacific casino – they were executed by one of the best chip manufacturing companies – Bourgogne et Grasset. I successfully played games of blackjack and poker at the casino and took chips for the collection.

I did not take $1000 chip for the collection. A bit expensive 🙂

One of several chips from my collection: