METRO Poker Club Davao

It was 2013 when I visit Davao city – the fruit capital of the Philippines – for the very first time. This big city has it’s own international airport, shopping malls, 5-star hotels and 2 casinos. There also was a card house – Metro Poker Club Davao, located on Quirino Avenue, where some wealthy Filipinos (it obviously takes to be relatively rich to join the game without puting a big part of your money on risk) and plenty of foreigners, living or spending their holidays in Davao, have been gathering for playing poker. I’ve been visiting there often and used to play their daily tournaments as well as cash-games. We even participated “Family tournament” with my friends – poker event for teams. Unfortunately, playing poker in the Philippines has some features which r not very good for spending a lot of time on the tables and earing money in poker. First of all, the commission of the house (rake) equals to devastating 10%, and also some fixed amount from every hand goes to Bad Beat Jackpot (what is bad for professional players because they have no advantage in hitting this Jackpot against weak players?). Secondly, the club opens it’s doors at 4pm and works till the morning, and I prefer to finish all my activities before the sunset (it starts around 5:30pm and at 8pm it’s already completely dark in Davao city).

At third, and it relates to all the countries with mostly warm weather, it just takes a big effort to do anything when there r sea, sun and fruits just a couple of steps away!

In a few years of playing poker in the Philippines, I became a regular visitor in Metro Card Club, met some amazing people and, of course, took different chips for my extensive collection.

I don’t know where those chips were produced – probably somewhere in China. It’s made of cheap plastic with low quality printing but I still evaluate them because of having plenty of cheerful memories associated with this poker club. And there’s a chance that while u r reading this article, my friend, I’m playing poker at Metro Card Club Davao, Philippines. Wish me good luck then!

Poker Davao

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