Thansur Bokor Casino

I guess my friends will never play in any casino again after visiting Thansur Casino in Cambodia…

Thansur Bokor Casino

The mountain resort of Bokor (Preah Monivong National Park, Cambodia) for centuries has been the only place for the Khmer and foreign colonialists to survive from the unbearable heat. Here, at an altitude of only 1000 meters above the sea, even on the hottest days, you feel fresh and coolness. And it was right here at the beginning of the twentieth century where the French had built Catholic church, the hotel, and the casino. And at the beginning of the twenty-first century, the modern entertainment complex Thansur Bokor Highland Resort (later renamed Sokha Hotel) has been opened in Bokor.

Top of Bokor

In 2014, traveling in Cambodia with my friends, we stopped at Bokor to enjoy the flavour of this place. At the same time, I was going to visit the casino Thansur and take chips for my collection.

Most of the time, someone getting inside the casino with a company of the person who already know the basics of roulette and blackjack. My friends have been there for the first time and I volunteered to show and tell them everything. As soon as we have got enough of Bokor, saw all its sights and the views of Cambodia from the mountain, we went to the casino. I remember it was a beautiful sunny day, on such days people rarely sit at casino tables, and that is why we were the only guests at Thansur Casino. I exchanged 100 USD and sat down at the blackjack table. “Well, now I will show you how to play!” I told my friends. And so I done…

I bet $ 5 and lost. Put another one and lost again. And the next one, and the next one too. In just three minutes I lost all my chips one by one, not even winning a single bet! I lost 15 bets in a row. I have changed the remaining chips into small denomination ones and kept them for my collection. “This is approximately the way to play in the casino”, I told my friends, offering to get way for walk. They could not move, they were completely shocked! All of them have heard about my luck and thought I would beat the casino, but in fact I just proof – YOU CAN NOT BEAT A CASINO AT ALL! And even I have tried to give them some reasonable explanation of what happened, they have not believed, they seen everything in front of them!By the way, that was the first time for many years of playing blackjack when I have lost so many hands in the row 🙂 But chips at Thansur Casino were pretty good.

Thansur Bokor Casino

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