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I first visited the Caribbean in 2009. I arrived to the five-star Bavaro Princess Hotel in the Punta Cana resort in the Dominican Republic. There I first realized how is it living on «all inclusive» basis, when all dishes types for breakfast, lunch and dinner are served for free (i.e. included in the price). Despite it’s quite strange, but I fully refused from drinking alcohol in Punta Cana, once having drunk the last thimble of «Mama Juana» (national drink in Dominican Republic). Mostly I ate fresh fruit, sunbathed and played ping pong. Besides I played in the Tower Casino as well.

In general, every big resort in the Dominican Republic provides own casino, but all of them are intended for their guests only. It was quite hard to get into such casinos without any recommendations. I wandered along the endless Punta Cana beaches to enter the casino from the sea while searching for good luck and new chips. But mostly I spent my evenings at Tower Casino – it was located near of Bavaro Princess while being available to all tourists, striving to play.

Tower Casino was quite large casino, but the main action took place at the slot machines. As for me, I played blackjack. There I first became acquainted with the American blackjack version, when the dealer puts two cards at once – one opened while the second was holy card. It’s common in both Europe and Russia when the dealer takes just one card. This contributes to blackjack strategy change. I can’t say that I was lucky at Tower Casino, but the casino impressions remained positive largely due to beautiful chips from Paulson, which I took to complete my collection.

I was also impressed by the promotion table with blackjack, located in the Bavaro Princess lobby. I haven’t met with such a marketing move before. Tower Casino croupiers dealt cards directly at the hotel and it was possible playing for free in the evenings. Just a few tourists used that tourist trap, but preferred playing free blackjack and took training chips from Bavaro Tower Casino.

Tower Casino

I spent a wonderful three weeks in the Dominican Republic and fell in love with the Caribbean. I am going to visit all Caribbean countries and collect chips from all the current region’s casinos.

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