My name is Vitaliy Safronov and I collect casino chips. My hobby is primarily due to the love for the game as such. I’m in early childhood began to play games like bingo and backgammon. In adolescence, he switched to the game for money with friends. When 18 years old, I went to work in a casino for the position of the dealer. From the first salary I with friends went to a nearby casino. In Russia, there is a saying that the first-time win — he is doomed for life to play and play. Who will lose — he will treat the game safely. The first time I stayed in the casino at its own. Therefore, my fate is not defined templates 🙂

At work in the casino I have achieved considerable success, and a few years later became the manager of the casino, he taught the staff to work the dealer. I continued to go to the casino as a player and every time he took on one chip as a souvenir. It has not been collecting. I just left some memorabilia and chips were the most comfortable.

In 2000, I left the casino and took up journalism. On the Internet, I drove a few of their own sites dedicated to gambling and casinos, published in other online and print media, creating publications on gambling. Along the way I learned advantage game and began to go first in the whole of Russia, and later in other countries, playing casino blackjack and poker games if the rules were in favor of the player. This made it possible to replenish my collection of chips from different cities and countries. Sometimes I come to a new city and immediately went around all the casinos, each taking on the chip. For example, arriving for the first time in Kiev (capital of Ukraine), I visited 12 casinos in one night.

At some point, I was just traveling. Without being bound by advantage game. Currently, I continue to write about gambling, I keep in touch with their friends, who work in a casino. But I did not actively playing. For me very interesting to visit new places, including the new casino. Especially in places that are hard to get. For example, a casino in the Indian state of Sikkim or casino in the Russian city of Nizhnevartovsk. Since I travel so far.

This site I created as an electronic catalog of my collection and notes about the most interesting places I visited. Write to me on e-mail: vitaly@safronov.org

P.S. My English is not so good as we would like. If you find a mistake on the site, please send me an e-mail an amended version.